How Hard is it to Start a Dropshipping Business

  1. Decide on a type product you care about. To launch a business, you will need something to sell and it is strongly advised that you pick one that is close to your heart. This way, you won’t find it difficult to promote it and convince other people to love the merchandise as much as you do. You can have your pick from a variety of choices – toys, electronics, clothes, accessories, and so on. If you want to narrow down your options, what you could do is go over some of the activities you love doing and base your product choice on that. You could also list down pros and cons for your final selection – for example, accessibility of resource, price, seasonal appropriateness – so you would have a better picture of what would be more convenient to stock on your Ecommerce store.
  1. Find a wholesaler. Once you’ve figured out what product to start dropshipping, you can move on to landing a wholesaler.  It would be good for you to choose a drop shipper that is experienced in the field and carries large quantities of the wares you want to sell. And it is certainly important that they extend great after-sales service and have received positive feedback from other clients. Popularity may be a consideration for choosing a wholesaler since it suggests great performance. However, that may also mean competition for attention. As such, you might want to have less popular candidates in your roster as well.
  1. Creating a Shopify or WordPress w/ WooCommerce account. Creating a web store for your business will be the easiest step for starting a drop ship enterprise. All you have to do is sign up on the specified websites, then, put up pictures and descriptions of your product. One option is to install wordpress and woocommerce plugin for those already familiar with WordPress as a blog.  Another option Shopify, meanwhile, extends a 14-day free trial for interested sellers and has a $14/month starter kit that equips you with enough specs to sell 25 products.
  1. Finally, start selling products. To get your dropshipping business into full swing, you will have to do some marketing. Getting people back to your store to purchase your products by talking about it on networking sites and search engines helps. You could post site links on Facebook and Twitter, upload pictures of the products on Instagram, and submit write-ups about your merchandise on blogs and article sites. You could also start making dropshipping profits with the help of a search engine optimization (SEO). Just by working part time on your business, you should get you enough momentum to start making a reasonable profit.

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