Why Drop Shipping is Beneficial

Why Drop Shipping is Beneficial

People today are looking for convenience as well as ways to save time and money.  With high gas prices, travel time, and busy schedules the option to shop online any time of day or night is a fitting solution.  Online stores who provide drop shipping provide a favorable solution.

In case you are not familiar with drop shipping, it is a retail method where you don’t keep your own products in stock.  That’s right – no inventory required!  You partner with a wholesale supplier who stocks its own inventory.  You send the details to them and they send it directly to your customer.  Most customers don’t know you are drop shipping, because the return address information is customized to your ecommerce store.

Here are the top 10 drop shipping benefits:

  1. You don’t need buckets of money
  1. You can offer thousands of items to your customers without having physical inventory in stock
  1. It is convenient and efficient
  1. Allows you mobility to run your store anywhere in the world where you get an internet connection
  1. No physical presence is needed since it is online not a brick and mortar building
  1. Drop shipping is a trusted model used even by big retail stores
  1. It is the best return on your time
  1. Drop shipping eliminates wait times when products are shipped from the distributor or manufacturer to the merchant; a merchant can start selling the moment the product is published on the ecommerce site.
  1. Gives you more time for customer service and marketing
  1. Faster profits with less cost and no recruiting

North America’s Top 1000 retailers by online sales, which collectively account for about 90% of e-retail purchases in the United States and Canada, are growing far faster than total retail sales. Web sales of the Top 1000 increased 15.7% to $302.56 billion up from $261.47 billion in 2013. That’s slightly higher than the 15.4% growth in 2014 online sales, according to the U.S. Commerce Department.

 Not having to deal with packaging and shipping inventory yourself saves you extra work and time.  Drop shipping eliminates many steps for you and is more direct, since the customer gets their order delivered to their door.

These are just a few benefits mentioned here.  Please share any other benefits you have found with drop shipping.  If you are just getting started, let us know what other benefits you discover along the way.

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